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Mayor of Mystic Falls

Just something silly I made for some twitter pals and wanted to share. :)

Damon/Stefan for Mayor!Collapse )

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Due to recent spamming of pornographic content I have changed the comm to moderated membership and limited posting access. If you have any questions about this, please comment here.

Thank you.

Season 2 Icons

Made these icons for The Vampire Diaries ages ago but forgot to post them! So NOW here they are! :)


Love Sucks.

Please feel free to take any you like. Comments and credit are awesome. ;)


Awesome. Vampire Diaries Soundtrack is set to be released October 12th.
Ok, if this is against community rules, please remove this post :) i do not intend to defy the rules, only to get my message out there.

i am looking for a Instant Messenger Roleplay with Stefan and Damon, or, with either of the salvatore brothers with a Male original. i find them both attractive and i can usually play either of them, but i would like to have someone i could RP them with, i have a few plot ideas lined out, so if you add my messenger, which the address is  listed below, i will be sure to explain my RP preferences and ideas to you :)

Like i said before, i do not mean to defy the rules so if this is against them please remove my post
thank you

(Address aaplin93@live.com for MSN, and aaplin93@yahoo.com For yahoo)